Fire Rated Ceilings London

Swiftsure have many years of experience in supply and installing fire rated ceilings in London and the South East although we also work Nationally. Fire rated ceilings (and walls) are at the forefront of installations to ensure that works comply with Building Regulations. Swiftsure can supply and install all types of ceilings providing fire certification. These are generally to provide a 30 or 60-minute fire rating and this can be achieved using varying method and there is always something that will fit your design ideas. These will include either together or individually, fire rated components and fire rated insulation and will depend on factors such as the existing structure/soffit. For any area`s where access within a void is required to service items such as Air Conditioning, power/data or plumbing we can also supply and install fire rated access panels in varying sizes and styles. With many fire rated works, these will also often provide high acoustic performance due to the density of products.

The importance of reliable fire rated suspended ceilings

Running an office comes with a lot more responsibility than just providing a work space, business owners in London need to take their employee’s safety into consideration at all times, and one of the best places to start is to invest in fire rated ceilings. We all know that suspended ceilings are all the buzz in modern office refurbishment, but when leaving this task in our trusted hands here at Swiftsure Ceilings, you will be getting the best of suspended ceilings with fire rated guarantees. Giving your office a facelift to transform it from a drab, dull and unimaginative space to a modern, light and professional office is now easier than ever, and fire rated suspended ceilings are definitely the way to go. Our specialised team in London takes great pride in providing invaluable fire rated ceiling installation services, and this is one of the many reasons that you cannot go wrong when partnering with us. Suspended ceilings will be made from protective materials that provide insulation and fire protection, and this will give employees complete peace of mind that their office is as safe as it can be.

Aesthetic and function: the value of fire rated ceilings

Swiftsure Ceilings bases our leading suspended ceiling installation services on years of hard earned experience and skills we have perfected, and our outstanding quality commitment means clients will always receive fire rated ceiling installation services that are world class. Investing in a fire rated ceiling for your London office is one of those non-negotiable upgrades everyone has to make, but the good news is that this installation will double as a remarkable opportunity to redecorate your office and give the space new life. The safety of your employees is always the biggest concern, and this is why suspended ceilings with fire rated quality guarantees is one of the most beneficial decisions to make. Suspended ceilings are the most modern, effective, functional and affordable upgrade to make to any office, and for the most high quality fire rated ceilings in London, Swiftsure Ceilings will be the last partner you will ever need. In our many years of providing impeccable fire rated ceiling installations, our team has mastered efficient, reliable and specialised skills that will have the project done with minimal disruption. The installation of a fire rated ceiling is completely invaluable, and the peace of mind that follows will be well worth the investment.

Suspended ceilings are not only a wonderful aesthetic addition, but also a fire rated safety feature

Suspended ceilings are one of the easiest and most effective ways to give your office a new look, and business owners will be happy to hear that they have nearly endless options in terms of style and design when it comes to choosing fire rated installations. Swiftsure Ceilings has gone to great lengths to ensure our team is the first and last partner London business owners will need for their fire rated ceiling installation, and our services are backed up by world class guarantees and unfailing reliability. The benefits of suspended ceilings are guaranteed to make the world’s difference to your office and your employees, and you can customise everything from the design to the fine details such as the lighting layout to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere, but when trusting Swiftsure Ceilings, this installation will also be fire rated to meet the highest standards. London business owners looking to invest in a valuable fire rated ceiling installation will be happy to find that this is now easier than ever, and with our skilled team on their side, they will have an impeccably designed, modern and professional new ceiling in no time. A fire rated ceiling is not an investment you will ever regret, and this once off installation will add immense value to your office.