Drylining Service London


Drylining involves plasterboard being fitted to existing walls to provide a new smooth even and level finish or/and to conceal services such as power, electrics and plumbing. There are varying installation methods; Dot n Dab (direct fixing plasterboard to the existing wall), to timber battens or Gypliner metal frame work. As an example, you will often find old properties have walls which are even or run level. By installing a lining, you can create a smooth even wall. We pack out or adjust brackets to provide this even level and can provide a void behind the new wall, as mentioned, for electrics, plumbing etc. Swiftsure can carry out all types of drylining London.

Another advantage is to improve the acoustics or insulation within any space, by installing insulation within the cavity void it will increase aid heat insulation and/or we can install acoustic plasterboards to enhance the sound performance. There is such a vast range of plasterboards which provide different benefits and come in different thickness for all your d needs such as these we commonly install:

  • 12.5mm/15mm Standard grade plasterboard
  • 15mm Fireline board (fire rated)
  • 15mm Soundbloc board (enhance acoustics)
  • 15mm Moisture resistant board (used in wet rooms)
  • Insulated plasterboards in varying thicknesses dependant on specification.

We can also supply and install skirtings and ply supports required for fixing of any wall items. We typically tape & joint or skim over the plasterboard and rub this down to a smooth finish ready for decoration.

Apart from drylining services, we also offer expert kitchen partitions services, fire-rated suspended ceilings, interior renovation services and more.